Partners & Affiliates of MLF

Today, it’s hard to imagine Memphis without the Streets Ministries or Memphis Athletic Ministries or Christ Community Health Services…but in 1987, these were all ideas that had not yet been realized….today these organizations and ministries all over the city of Memphis trace their roots in one way or another to the Memphis Leadership Foundation.

Partners & Affiliates The following are ministries that MLF has started and incubated and/or come alongside and partnered with that now have their own 501(c)(3) designation. We provide administrative back office support for these organizations.
The partners on this webpage are those with whom we share common mission, as together we seek God’s plan for our city.


Partners & Affiliates

While a longstanding member of the global network of Leadership Foundations, we also partner with ministries all over the city. The partners on this webpage are those with whom we share common mission, as together we seek God’s plan for our city.


The following are ministries that MLF has started and incubated and/or come alongside and partnered with that now have their own 501(c)3 designation. We provide administrative back office support for these organizations.

For The Kingdom

For The Kingdom Camp and Retreat Center was birthed by MLF in 2000 in response to a couple’s desire to see inner city young people have an affordable summer camping experience right here in Memphis. A secondary purpose is to produce training opportunities for leaders working with urban youth. To accomplish this mission, each summer FTK hosts several weeks of outreach camps for local elementary and middle school students.

For the Kingdom is now a separate nonprofit organization and remains a partner ministry of the Memphis Leadership Foundation.

Ray Arechiga
Interim Director
For The Kingdom Camp and Retreat Center
4100 Raleigh-Millington Road
Memphis, TN 38128
Phone: (901) 788-2267



AngelStreet mentors girls by providing musical training in communities with limited artistic opportunities. We seek to empower young women to understand their value, discover their purpose, and become creatively equipped to serve the Memphis community as leaders.

AngelStreet serves girls ages 8-18 from several schools in the North Memphis and Graham Heights communities. The AngelStreet experience is an outlet of creativity that strives to invest in young artists to encourage, nurture, and develop deep desires for furthering education. Just as sports teams instill confidence and discipline for many youth in our city, AngelStreet has a desire to do the same through music.



Christian Community Foundation

Christian Community Foundation was ‘birthed’ by MLF in 1997 and exists to serve Mid-South donors in the building of God’s kingdom in our community and throughout the world.
Their mission is to encourage philanthropy and increase giving. We seek transformation of the city through churches and ministries that combine Christian faith and Christian action.

Since 1997, CCF has helped hundreds of donors send more than 225 million dollars to more than 800 ministries, churches and various charities. Over 80% of this was given to non-profits in Memphis and the Mid-South area. Over 75% of the recipients were faith-based non-profits who primarily serve educational or other needs of youth. Their purpose is to assist donors as they serve the Lord in their giving.

CCF is a separate nonprofit organization and remains affiliated with MLF.

B. Rex Jones
Christian Community Foundation
5100 Poplar Avenue, Suite 2412
Memphis, TN 38137
Phone: (901) 682-6201

Memphis Athletic Ministries


Created by the Memphis Leadership Foundation in 2000 Memphis Athletic Ministries uses the medium of athletics, sports and physical activities to provide opportunities for urban young people to grow and mature physically, emotionally and spiritually. While playing sports is healthy and fun, the overarching goal is to foster yet another vehicle for youth ministers to build relationships with young people and bring them face to face with the Good News.

Memphis Athletic Ministries is now a stand alone nonprofit organization and is an affiliate ministry with MLF in our city.

Randy Odom
Memphis Athletic Ministries
2107 Ball Road
Memphis, TN 38114
Phone: 744-MAM1 (6261)


Victims to Victory

Victims to Victory (VTV) is a grief support ministry for families and friends of victims of homicide. VTV offers practical help, emotional help, and support that encourages hope in Christ and helps families of homicide victims work through issues of their loss and move toward healing. Our mission is to help victims of crime and their families move from crisis to comfort through Christ.

Did You Know?

Memphis has a troubling rate of homicide and other crimes of violence. These violent crimes consist of homicide, rape, robbery, and assault/aggravated assault. For every person that is murdered, one expert estimates there are at least 7 to 10 survivors left behind to experience the traumatic impact of grieving a loved one due to homicide. According to the Memphis Police Department crime statistics, in 2006 and 2007 there were:

  • Nearly 300 Homicides
  • Over 800 Rapes
  • Over 7,000 Robberies
  • Over 10,000 Assaults/Aggravated Assaults

Behind each of these statistics are women, men and children lost to senseless crime who are responsible for inspiring the vision for Victims to Victory.

Dr. Katherine Lawson
Executive Director
Victims to Victory, Inc.
Phone: (901) 274-6828

Neighborhood Housing Opportunities Management

NHO Management (NHOM) is a not-for-profit property management program whose mission is to acquire, rehabilitate, and renovate sub-standard rental housing. In an effort to provide decent, safe, quality, and affordable rental units to very low-income families, NHOM has acquired and/or constructed over 62 single and multi-family units in under-served communities.

Mr. Howard Eddings
Executive Director
Neighborhood Housing Opportunities
Phone: 901.729.2934


Neighborhood Housing Opportunities

Neighborhood Housing Opportunities was created by Memphis Leadership Foundation in 1988, born out of a partnership between MLF and Neighborhood Christian Centers. Their mission is to empower “working poor” families toward economic stability through homeownership, while proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our vision also includes counseling families who are at risk of foreclosure.

NHO has become a best practice model for affordable housing across the state. NHO has worked with local churches, community based organizations, federal, city, and county government to provide decent, safe and quality affordable housing to more than 300 working poor families , in primarily four communities. . .Frayser, North Memphis, Raleigh/Frayser and Orange Mound. We also offer an extensive three year follow up counseling program designed to coach and encourage families as they acclimate to homeownership. In addition, we are a HUD certified counseling agency for: Mortgage Default Prevention, Homebuyer Counseling, and Rental Process & Procedures.

Mr. Howard Eddings
Executive Director
Neighborhood Housing Opportunities
Phone: 901.729.2934

Repairing the Breach

Repairing the Breach (RTB) is a partner ministry of the Memphis Leadership program that provides programs to enlighten, empower, and equip unchurched youth in the Alcy/Ball Road community. At RTB, staff and volunteers work to challenge young people spiritually, socially, and academically so that they become productive citizens of society.

Ministry Programs of Repairing the Breach Youth Outreach include outreach to high school, middle school and elementary aged children, academic enrichment, Bible study, mentoring and leadership development.
Transportation is available after school for each program.

Tony Wade
Felecia Wade
2107 Ball Road
Memphis, TN 38114
Phone: (901) 744-6261 ext. 136


Emmanuel Center

Emmanuel Center (formerly Emmanuel Episcopal Center) is a youth outreach, educational enrichment and college attainment ministry in the heart of what was once Foote and Cleaborn Homes with an additional site in North Memphis.

Father Colenzo Hubbard
Executive Director
604 St. Paul Ave.
Memphis, TN 38126
Phone: 901-523-2617

Let's Innovate Through Education

Let’s Innovate Through Education (LITE) Empowers high school students to design businesses and non-profits that improve Memphis.

Hardy Farrow
Founder/Program Director
Phone: (901) 761-2270


Leadership Empowerment Center

Leadership Empowerment Center (LEC) is a youth outreach, leadership development and educational enrichment ministry in Frayser that impacts 250 youth weekly.

Marron Thomas
Executive Director
Phone: (901) 358-7788


MLF Ministries/Affiliates

The following are ministries we started, incubated, seed funded or served as fiscal agent that are 501(c)3’s and for whom we do not provide administrative services but still consider associates.


STREETS Ministries, through the love of Jesus Christ, engages, encourages, and equips youth to achieve their potential by realizing their God-given purpose. 

Memphis leads the nation in "disconnected youth." According to a recent study, more than 21% of our 16-24 year-olds are neither working nor in school. We meet students with grace and understanding. Staff and volunteers invest thousands of hours and resources to connect with our members, creating accountability and deeper relationships with students.

Christ Community Health Services

In 1995 Four young doctors had a vision of starting Christ centered primary health care clinics in Memphis’ most medically underserved communities. Door after door got slammed in their faces. After meeting with MLF staff, they found a friend and someone they could network with. Today, Christ Community Health Services operates six inner city medical clinics and a mobile clinic. They also offer dentistry and pharmacy services.

  • Broad Avenue Health Center serving Binghampton and North Memphis.
  • Frayser Health Center
  • Third Street Health Center serving South Memphis
  • Orange Mound Health Center
  • Hickory Hill Health Center
  • Raleigh Health Center
  • Women’s Health Center
  • Operation Outreach

The mobile clinic provides complete primary care services to the homeless at Memphis Union Mission and Dozier House (in cooperation with Baptist College of Health Sciences) and to refugees at Refugee Services (in cooperation with Associated Catholic Charitites). Christ Community will serve anyone who needs assistance, regardless of insurance or the ability to pay.
Christ Community Health Services is an affiliate ministry with the Foundation.

Service Over Self (SOS)

SOS exists to glorify God by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ in underserved neighborhoods through home repair and leadership development.

SOS provides opportunities for the Church to engage in healthy ministry among people in underserved neighborhoods, provides critical home repairs for homeowners in our partner neighborhoods, provides leadership development opportunities for urban youth, and seeks to train and equip servant leaders to know how to care for people who are poor.

From hosting summer camps, facilitating urban ministry internships and training, and leading after-school programs, SOS provides opportunities to serve the city of Memphis for the gospel.