Proclaiming the whole gospel to the whole city through the empowerment of leaders


Who We Are

Who We Are

The Memphis Leadership Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-denominational outreach ministry, empowers urban under-resourced men, women, and children through creative, effective, and innovative ministry and leadership. The mission and purpose of the Memphis Leadership Foundation is to proclaim the whole gospel to the whole city through the empowerment of leaders and the development of ministries and programs that focus on the needs of under-resourced people and communities.

We are a member of the global network of Local Leadership Foundations (LLFs), organizations like us working to transform the cities in which they operate.


"We believe that the church of Jesus Christ is called to empower the unemployed, the lost, the weary, and the hurting."



We are committed to mobilizing churches and nonprofit organizations to maximize their impact in this area. Having birthed a number of youth serving ministries, we also operate a number of ministries that target what many term “at risk youth”. All these ministries are holistic, sharing the gospel, providing academic enrichment, college readiness or character development.

Afordable Housing

Affordable Housing is important to the well being of families. Through our housing efforts partnering with Neighborhood Housing Opportunities and Neighborhood Housing Management, we have helped create one of the area’s most prolific housing ministries.


Economic & Community Development

Give someone a fish and they eat for a day…teach them to fish and they eat for a lifetime. This has been a mantra of our’s from the beginning. We support and encourage ministry in our city that provides opportunities to unemployed and underemployed men and women. In this way, not only can they provide for their families but also become a blessing to our communities.


Children & Families

Many of the ministries that we have birthed or come alongside over the years work with entire families. Indeed, most everything we do impacts whole families and generations to come. Some of our partners, affiliates and operational ministries are more keenly focused on family health.


Leadership Development

As our name indicates, we are all about developing, encouraging, equipping and launching leaders, church and ministry leaders, as well as high schoolers who will become future leaders in our city. We offer programs in resource development, leadership and management, a college scholarship program and our affiliates target biblical education and generous giving.